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Asset Management. Asset Register Implementation.

We specializes in asset auditing, verification and implementation services.

Asset Register Implementation

Asset Management Control systems are prescribed as the responsibility of Accounting Officers under the PFMA governance and National Treasury requirements. Amanzi specializes in asset auditing, verifications and implementation services that are fully compliant with all current Governance.

Logis Implementation

Logis (Logistical Information System) is the transversal procurement system of the S A government and requires cataloguing of items, contracts, inventory and assets and these services are provided by Amanzi, Amanzi specializes in NATO cataloguing and MIIN item identification, bar coding and linking of all ledgers.

IAMS to LOGIS A3 Integration

IAMS can integrate to the LOGIS A3 text files via a unique interface component. This effectively creates a mirror image of the LOGIS A3 date and will enable the LOGIS Asset Register to be compared to the IAMS actual verified assets. All financial data ranging from the Purchase Order no., Order date, vendor, cost price can be imported into IAMS. Depreciation will be calculated and verified to the LOGIS A3 data.

IAMS to BAS Integration

The BAS payment no. is available in IAMS via the data import. This will enable the payments to be verified against the IAMS mirrored data. The unique function of reconciliation is thus available between the LOGIS A3 and the BAS data.

Data Scrubbing/ Cleansing

Data scrubbing also called data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. Amanzi offers a service to Logis users to perform Data scrubbing/data cleansing on the ICN numbers and ICN descriptions to ensure that the Logis Asset Register and Material master is aligned to the correct descriptions and assets as verified. After cleansing, the data will be consistent with other similar data sets in the system. The inconsistencies detected or removed may have been originally caused by user entry errors, by corruption in transmission or storage, or by different data dictionary definitions of similar entities in different stores.

Asset Management Training

Amanzi present ‘Asset Management in the Public Sector’ training. The course covers Asset Management Life Cycle, Asset Classification, Needs Analysis, Principles of Asset Management, Ownership and Control, Responsibility for Asset Management, Asset Register and Stock Take/Asset verification. Other training offered is that of “Asset Management for Executive Managers” and the Asset Management component of Supply Chain Management.

Tracking and Traceability

Tracing the current, verified whereabouts, residence and/or employment of missing or sought persons.

  • Missing Persons and Runaways
  • Debtors, Defaulters, Absconders and Bilkers
  • Witnesses, Wanted Persons and Fugitives

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